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Buildings consume energy and we can help clients cut their energy costs by monitoring to highlight and investigate potential energy waste within their building.

There are many utility metering units that show where energy is being consumed and these can be integrated into a BMS system, we have access to many leading suppliers and clients ask us to fit them to most new building installs.

For information on any energy management and integration requirements you have and the energy savings that can be achieved within your building please do not hesitate to contact us.

By fitting variable speed drives (speed inverters) to motors can cut energy consumption by nearly 50%, we have access to many leading suppliers and will give advice on the best option for you. We also undertake retrofitting of variable speed drives to stand alone motors with the option of bringing them under BMS control.

We endeavour to provide a cost effective way to achieve this, by BMS automation, utilities metering, fitting variable speed drives, replacement to more energy efficient plant and machinery, regular building maintenance or by just simply turning the heating down by a few degrees.